Reagan against Walter Mondale; George Bush Senior Versus Micheal Dukakasis; Bush wins through Backdoor.

Interestingly, I was able to witness all the Elections as held above.  In all  three the Republicans won the elections with a very wide  margin.  This time, I have strong feeling that none of the of Democrats  are up to fend  to whoever is nominated to represent the Republicans.  Hillary is a woman but Americans are not going to feel comfortable under a woman President.  Although, I was having a similar opinion in 1984, about Rev Jesse Jackson.  He was running for the primaries and  incidentally he got a  US air force officer from the Syrians, under negotiations.

I had a gut feeling that not in my life time would I see Black President in the Casa Blanca!  I was wrong  the first Afro- American was elected to the White House in 2008!   The macro Economics indicate that he had stepped into the president’s  shoes at the  wrong moment!  The debt burden went t

o 16 trillion and rising!  The middle class is having all the difficulties  to meet the ends!  There appears a collective conscience that ” Black Lives Matter!” There is race related problem and also the home grown threat!  Especially, after the Paris attack, whoever had done this was to undermine the Moslems and this is so true!  Americans feel that there is a problem in the Middle East and they will not get involved!  After all there involvement over the last 30 years in the Middle East had cost the US a gargantuan amount of emotional externalities!  This is indicated in the loss of lives by individuals carrying shootings  due to various reasons!

Hillary during her deposition could not  cleanse her conscience of the death of the US Ambassador in Libya! Well that is what I had felt when I watched the CNN.  Bernie could do better but his ideas are far fetched to be practical!

May be it will be Jeb Bush who becomes the next US  president.  This  I say firstly, a radicalized American can not  triumph! And statistically speaking never a Democrat has been been elected to the CASA BLANCA,  for a third term!   May God Bless America!