Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on November 1...

Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on November 11, 1970. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


track. Uses the color scheme from the .

track. Uses the color scheme from the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on N...

English: Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on November 11, 1970. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Germans at Princeton -- Weitzer - Lt. Reichena...

Germans at Princeton — Weitzer – Lt. Reichenau – Dr. Bemer – Carl Diem (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)


1971 flag of Bangladesh

1971 flag of Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The first car my family owned was NSU Prince, a German manufactured car made in the 50s. Our beloved uncle, Mr. Abudul Mojid Talukder was an Member of National Assembly of Pakistan. He used to own some money from a person and had authourised my father to take the papers and the possession of the car, as the loaner could make a partial payment through this process.


Later, while we were still in Chittagong, my father read in the news paper that the German Auto manufacturer Volks Wagon, and Audi were merging together. Audi had already acquired the maker of NSU Prince, and VW had taken the possession of Porsche, the prime sports car and pride of German Engineering.


Every day the car would need to be pushed and it did not fire on all the cylinders and now I know that it was the compression ration that was to  blame. The ratio was weak and the cylinders misfired. Later on , Father brought a VW, Beetle and we found why German Engineering was one of the best and Hitler had ordered to build this air cooled engine for he realized that water was very difficult to obtain in the North African deserts.


As a child we knew VW made just one model, the Beetle and that was it. The car was sturdy, and as a child I found out that it was very reliable. We visited the Kapatai , Hydro Electric Project and there were more than 13 people adults and children. The car made the round trip journey from Chittagong to Kapatai, this was in 1969.


Then we faced the Bhola cyclone and a sum of 500,000 ( half a million ) , people perished due to the lack of technology. Only a few organizations knew about the intensity of the calamity to befall the coastal belt of East Pakistan. NASA, was one of those but had no way of disseminating this information to the proper authority in the government and as a result so many lives were lost. This cyclone took place in the month of November 1970.


Later in the year my father bought a Toyota Corolla a four cylinder 1600 cm3 and we loved the new car. In the same year the elections were held in the West and the East Pakistan. Awami League had won the overwhelming majority but there was a mistrust from the Elite of the mainly West Pakistan for handing over the power and the Army top Brass saw this an opportunity to hold on to the power. There was another tragedy just waiting to happen in East Pakistan. The genocide of East Pakistanis committed by the occupying forces had seen a bloody birth of a nation. Bangladesh declared independence in 26th March of 1971, and victory came shortly in 16th December 1971.