There was visuals of men, women and children being rescued by the Indian Army personnel. No one could expect such fury of the waters coming from the Himalayan state of Uttarkhand, in Northern India.  The rains in Bangladesh also appeared early this year.  The month of May saw an average of 120mm of rain water than the average.

Why are there so much water fall in the Indian Subcontinent.  If I do remember correctly in 1988 similar or less rainfall had caused more severe flooding.  The Dhaka city was all under water people could use only boat and cars were saved from drowning in fresh floods.

That was in 1988 the month was September.  The surrounding areas of India drain into Bangladesh with 54 rivers.  The huge amount of water collected in the plains of the Indian states some 19 states in all.  The water is hold up by barrages made by India and thus causing problem in the lower region in which most of the low lands of Bangladesh lie along.

This time quien sabe the water is going to be more intense for the rains came early with more volume and less warning and the siltation of the river systems being even worse.  Are we expecting or a huge challenge?

There were approximately 5000 deaths in the Himalyan Disaster but in Bangladesh there will be probably of crops and pisicultultural damages.  Less human deaths but more suffering.

Oh our crator please bring sense to those companies that are responsible for the Global Worming