I feel religious peace is one of the factors that might bring ultimate peace in the world. We have the same BIOS installed in our soul. That is why we always cry ” Oh lord ” and say ” Save us” that is universal.


This was a weekend and the small theatre at Kampala International Hotel, was screening a movie.  My parents said this was a Historical movie, an epic.  While in Pakistan, in the 60s, my parents wanted to see the movie but the Government of Pakistan had banned its screening.  In Uganda this was just another movie.  Pakistani film censure board respecting the emotions of the people, followed the strict principle that no prophets’ picture, should be drawn or represented.

Moses ( Peace Be upon ) is respected in Judaism, Christianity as well as Islam, worlds three great religions following the tenets of Abraham /Ibrahim ( Peace be upon) father  of  modern monotheism.

It was expected that there would be a crowd but in the morning the ambience was lot different.  The crowd  thronging  to the hall and everybody we knew tried to rush in.  As  children, we were drawn…

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