The Bhola Cyclone as it is known to the rest of the world had its eye around the vicinity of Bhola town, and is responsible for wreaking the worst possible devastation in terms Human Death and destruction.
Approximately 500,000 to One million men women and children died during the fateful night of November 1970. The location of Bangladesh is the sole factor responsible for the countless initiation of the Storm system. It has Bay of Bengal in the South and the due its Geographical location it is vulnerable to be stricken by the brute force of the Cyclonic storms such as the ones we faced in 1991, 2005, Aila and Cidr. There is no control over these natural one but what about the artificial ones that we are responsible. The mud slides are a common phenmemenon that takes place every wet season in the Hills of the Chittagong. Then there is the flood that gets the Dhaka city out of commission just for a few drops of rain. The natural eco system of the Dhaka city has been stopped by the inconsiderate city dwellers and t he planners.

Everybody flocks to Dhaka and the not so big Dhaka has to accommodate everyone for folks tend to think that they have hit the Jackpot . Let us be practical for we have to provide them place for staying. But in this unplanned city which has become the World’s worst mega city in terms of facilities. The natural water bodies of this city have been filled up and the flood water cannot get out of the city by natural means. The ground water soaking system has lost its ability to soak the water to the ground and thus does not fill up the aquifers.
Think about the development of the Dhaka city most of it is built on the water. Badda, Adabor and Rampura, were the two main water bodies that were filled that the building could be built and thus residential areas were developed over night in these place water bodies covered.

It is also true that we are corrupt to the bones and these corruptions are not being dealt with justice. Allah (SWT) states in one of the verses of the Holy Koran that He does not listen to the prayers of those who do not repent. By repent it is meant that not to do the act of wrong after the realization was made and the person genuinely felt sorry for his misdeeds and gave those up for the sake Allah.
Instead Allah keeps that community in utter wonderance covered in their misdeeds and finally turn them over as he had done countless of times since the people of Aad, Samud and the Lot.

Our landfills are very good absorbers of the natural shock waves that will be produced in case of a Earth Quake, this is probably something the Mexico city had experienced In their ignorance for the city was built in the fashion as Dhaka is over water bodies.
May Allah protect us from such a natural disaster.