Bangladesh once described as Bottom Less Basket by Henry Kissinger. It had emerged as the newest nation on Earth after the Victory against the Occupying forces of Pakistan. The war of Independence had taken its toll. The infrastructure was in shambles due to Indian Air forces bombing of the port city of Chittagong. The Railways were down because of inept employees and the bridges bombed by the Freedom Fighters.
Today some 40 years later there is a lot of economic activity and this is firstly due to the non-skilled migrant workers sending whatever amount of money from different countries. Most of these are employed in the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia being the first approximately 1.5 million are employed then there is UAE and so on and so forth. It is estimated that some 8 million people of Bangladeshi origin are helping send approximately 11 billion U.S dollars to the country but the economy still does not reflect the combined effects of the two sources combined together is not yet stabilizing the economy.
Firstly, the political instability is the prime factor and the corruption is the offshoot of that and therefore widespread in all sectors. The NBR or the national Board of Revenue is a sector where if proper check and balance could be introduced then the Billions of dollars that are taken out of the country could be stopped.
The bigwigs, politicians, business magnates and tycoons stash the cash and send the money through various ways. Even the foreign banks are said to be involved in the transfer of the cash. Why are people doing these kinds of activity id est. buying second homes in Singapore, Dubai, and Bangkok. In one of the popular magazines sites that the past 4 Parliament’s members each bought mansions in the Tri State of New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C . This is mainly done because they are afraid to invest the money in the country. Red Tapism is still the biggest impediment in making investment in the country. It is not that people are not patriotic they a better future for their progeny. This is nothing bad but how far does one carry out in assuring the future of the kids.

It might sound nice now to invest in second home in a nearby or far off land but what is the guarantee that country will not kick the “investors” out as this was done back in the past . Take Uganda for example so many Asians left the country just in one dress. Idi Amin the President for life expelled all the Asians out of the country. In the post 911 period the American Government froze the bank accounts of lots of non-Americans and in that many Bangladeshis had lost money amounting from 500,000 to 1million dollars.

Present might look rosy but who knows tomorrow the policies might change and the people might lose all their savings and the second homes might not rip the benefit for you might be treated as an “ Outsider” as it has happened countless times in the past.

Call it Karma or the divine destiny what comes around goes around. Therefore, it is the solemn duty of the young generation to rectify the mistakes made by their parents or Grand Parents for we all have to account for our deeds. There is no doubt in that.