I have been watching Indian movies ever since I was 10 years old.   In 1976 I watched Sholay and was a die-hard fan of Hindi movies and more so of Amitabh Batchan. He is referred to by the French actor as the one man show.  Recently, there was a show in the NDTV where movie was said to have influenced the Indian Society so much so that a girl was Gang Raped by the members of the  mass transit authourity.  The time was probably wrong and the night hormone in the human beings brought in their beastly hormones and combined with human intellect they did something that galvinised the whole of the Indian community and Mass protest was held everywhere.


The question is was the bolly wood movies responsible for this brutal act of violence?

In Hindi movies there is something called the Item song and there is the Item Girl a beautiful women scantily dressed to  appealing to the male sexuality and   oozing in aphrodisiac thus attracting  any male with sensible level of Testotorene. 

In the panel was a very  famous ator herself wife of a Nawab and mother of one of the Khan’s not the three we refer to as the Thress Khans.  She made a very intersting point and she said that the rape-scenes during her time were more realistic now-a-days rape is not required in the script. There were a lot of “Rape- Speacialists”, but there was no such kind of incidence that had taken place in those days.

So it was probably the males being titilated by the item girls in thier songs.  Rapes were shown in such a during her ” Daag” days that people were discomtable with the idea let alone commit one.  Now-days the come on baby lets go party is a invitation for the not so fair gender to get high and probably commit such a crime.  This is like a pandemic for every place in India and neighbouring Bangladesh we do get the T,V signals and the Itesm Girls sending signals to lascivious male ego for the  inevitable.

It is the responsibility of the Indian film makers to portray their movies in good fashion like Dhamal, Gol Maal,  Veer Zaara.  Society is a reflection of ideas in movies as movies are also a mirror of the  society. There is positivie feed back loop.