religions in Europe, map en. See File:Europe r...

religions in Europe, map en. See File:Europe religion map.png for details. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a Muslim not a Commodity

A map of the world, showing the major religion...

A map of the world, showing the major religions distributed in the world as of today. A different type of map which views only the religion as a whole excluding denominations or sects of the religions, and is colored by how the religions are distributed not by main religion of country etc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a lot reservation, when I decided to write something so sensitive as to write on the denigration, of the Prophet of Islam, and the consequences it has had on the world. The word Islam is Arabic meaning Peace. Most people in the West cannot find why should there be so much violence about a film. In the mid 2009 the cartoons, published in the European daily saw a lot of protest, not necessarily peaceful, in the countries, where Danish, Swedish and other European Embassies were attacked and vandalized. The western media portrayed the protesters as violent mobs, hell bent on destroying every Western interest.

Freedom of speech is very important but there should be some boundary on what might be considered as the limit of transgression. The prophet of Islam said this to his Companions. He said not to abuse one’s own parents. The Companions, were surprised, they said how one can abuse one’s own parents. The wise prophet replied, if you say derogatory remarks about other popular religions, the followers, in turn will say, or do bad things to your ideologies. A true Muslim never will say bad things about Vishnu, Brahma, Buddha, Moses and certainly not Jesus.

How should Muslims and for that matter the world bodies like UN, deal with such nuisance on the Internet in the name of freedom of speech?
We Muslims must not be paying attention to such idiotic stances. The problem is “we” are but only 1% of the total population of the Muslims. Most Muslims hold our prophet in the highest esteem. Therefore, it is very easy for the inciters to bait them. A crude video on the U Tube was enough to cause so much damage, that there is a UN convention going to be held on 23rd of September, in New York. People who do not practice the faith of Islam, for them it becomes very difficult to realize the “Hurt inside the Heart”. Not every body’s is tuned to the same frequency

In Islam the prophet has been put in the highest esteem, and people of Islam are very much against anyone saying bad things. Some Muslims would rather die than to see our prophet depicted in such a bad taste.

The prophet however, said do not create violence in the land, for violence is worse than killing.

The World Government might make up a law. This was done in the past for anything anti Semitic. Time has come to pass such a law for Islam as well. I feel that religion to many people is very sacred, and therefore, all religions should be respected and protected. The beliefs of any tiny sect such as Baha’i, Zoroastrianism and all the major religions should be included.

Meanwhile, the media is again portraying the violence that is rocking the world of the Muslim countries, and depicting the religion of Islam in just the opposite mode it is suppose to be.

If any one reads the Holy Koran he/she will understand that Muslims are supposed to be the best of people created from mankind who are supposed to be doing good things. Violence for Muslims is certainly not an option, at least not in the case of the U-tube.

I am also protesting and have already signed a cause to remove the movie from the Internet. From what I heard the film maker was on parole and he was arrested.