President Bush visiting American troops in Sau...

President Bush visiting American troops in Saudi Arabia on Thanksgiving Day, 1990. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

United (States) Parcel Service.

United (States) Parcel Service. (Photo credit: matt.hintsa)

English: Mafia crime family structure tree

English: Mafia crime family structure tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight exactly 11 years ago    we were watching at the evening news in CNN in Dhaka. The channel went live to New York. One of the American Airlines had crashed into one of the buildings of the twin Towers.

I was not sure how could this happen?  Planes had excellent navigation systems and they had corridors to follow could the pilot make such a fatal mistake?  My brother who is better informed about the terrorists had suspected and argued it was the work of some unbranded terror group. I was really upset when I the second plane hit the tower.  This time there was mistake that it was an attack on the American soil by the Al-Qaeda. I am not going to go to the conspiracy theory and not support the Muslims who say it was an inside job.  The question that remains is that I was told to take break from the study of Masters of Engineering.


I was on  a student visa for next five years. The return to complete the study was not possible for my parents had asked to observe the situation , unfunately for me  the Americans got more misinformation about the Talebans and the Al-Qaeda.  President George Bush categorically stated that he had taken the war to Middle East. Afghanistan was attacked, in search of Bin Laden, and so was Iraq after the second time President Bush Jr. decides to go for the presidency.  One of the tactics he had used was we have defended our country against any kind of major attacks. His decision proved too costly for the nations.  The American  were in debt and President Barak Obama set a precedent by being elected the first non white president in the white house.


Everybody thought things would be fine but the American debt burden has exceeded 16 trillion dollars.  President Obama had failed to get the economy going and failed to  create jobs. Meanwhile, the Wall Street lost trillions of dollars   and every American got poorer by  around 10,000 US dollars.

The night I could hardly sleep.  I knew that the world was not going to be the same again and I was almost feeling the anguish about the loss that this tragedy had caused that night.  I was not able to feel the exact scenario but my American dream has shattered for I was very much in favour of what most Americans did until that day. This day saw majority of the Americans being convinced that Muslims are the terrorists.


Please come to Bangladesh and see we are moderate Muslim country with lots of economic woes. We do not have the luxury to take on a country that is our major economic partner and assists us in every major problem. This had included the operation sea angels.  I, however, do not see any short-term solution to the problem of the American perception of Muslims being main hate group.   There were always some target groups that Americans had on their list of foes; Italian Mafia, in New York, Polish Gangs in Chicago, Latinos, Blacks, Vietnamese, the Communists and now the Muslims.


I am sure lot of sensible Americans would see that war would further destroy the world peace and lead to greater destruction and only way to bring peace is to come seat together and work out a sensible solution.

The economic destruction is reversible save we do not cross the point of no return then no matter how much effort  exerted there would be no point if we have  crossed that point.  Economic woes would further cause stress in human minds and this will cause the recent shoot-outs in the US.  The situations in other countires would get worse , like Irak, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.


Unless US choose the right thing to do we could get deeper into the 3rd world war. Almighty save  humanity from destruction, Amen.