This was a weekend and the small theatre at Kampala International Hotel, was screening a movie.  My parents said this was a Historical movie, an epic.  While in Pakistan, in the 60s, my parents wanted to see the movie but the Government of Pakistan had banned its screening.  In Uganda this was just another movie.  Pakistani film censure board respecting the emotions of the people, followed the strict principle that no prophets’ picture, should be drawn or represented.

Moses ( Peace Be upon ) is respected in Judaism, Christianity as well as Islam, worlds three great religions following the tenets of Abraham /Ibrahim ( Peace be upon) father  of  modern monotheism.

It was expected that there would be a crowd but in the morning the ambience was lot different.  The crowd  thronging  to the hall and everybody we knew tried to rush in.  As  children, we were drawn to the special effects the movie had to offer. The parting of the Red Sea. The building of the Pyramids. The movie was something, I cherished for most of my moral life.  Not because of the special effects but the climax in which the tablets brought from the mount Sinai.  Moses was so very angry that he threw the tablets at the adulterous people.

This was a clear indication from God Almighty that He destroyed whomsoever He pleases. The sinful people had transgressed all the bounds. Surely God doth not liketh the people so wicked!  In so doing Moses purified his community and tried to establish the Peace.

This movie was screened in the month of March, 1976 by the Hotel. Even today, this movie  is  absolutely clear in my mind.  Therefore , whenever I watch TV ,most of the  channels,  in different parts of the world, I see that the shows, not all ,  are full of lechery, lewdness, lasciviousness. I had seen this lewdness in TV as I had gone  to US for the first time.

My American cousins had strict instructions not to watch any other channels save Nickelodian, and Cartoon Network or any other children Network.  In US they had certain rules for rating as U, G, PG , parental guidance. As cable came to the third world there seemed no guideline. Anything goes, including X-rated movies shown by the cable operators. Everything is in hotch potch. The audience in this places are without any censorship for they are held hostages of  by the cable operators.

The main reason that there is detrimental effect on the Youth  of Bangladesh and they are losing the traditional value judgments.  Today substance abuse is a common thing ,and the T.V glamorizes drinking, the least of the offenders, there is hard substance abuse such as the cocaine and Yaba. Women have started taking this Drug. Yaba in Thai means Crazy or mad.  The effect is so very horrific that female gender are losing their feminity. Doctors and Psychiatrists are very concerned about the nations feature.

Like the  crazy  men  women in the climax  of the movie these people are dancing under the influence (DUI). No one to command over them so goes the negative influence of the Cable TV in the 3rd world.