I did not wish to go to the US for studies. After obtaining the International Baccalaureate Diploma awarded by the IBO, Geneva Switzerland. I wanted to study in the best Engineering University of Bangladesh.  There was lot of political unrest in the country during that period. The Army had taken power in the country. This time  the Army Chief had taken the power from the elected government.

My relatives convinced my father to let me study in the US.  “Your son has I.B” and ”  “America would be a better choice! ”  I only realised that study was not the only thing that was important , in addition of being meritorious one should have the social skills in order to survive in the states.

As the  Boeing  747 was going over the city of New York it was almost 9 p.m local time.  I had never seen so many big buildings. I said to myself what was this?  Soon the plane landed at JFK.  I was in good spirit but my  dream would start turning into a nightmare.

I was admitted to Calhoun Hall and the American room-mate I had, was ” wild guy” ; he was involved in all the activities that Americans describe as being “Wild”.   At that time the world was divided into two major blocks.  The West with its Christianity and Capitalism and the Soviet Union with its  Communism.  The only thing common to both was the  Inter Continental ballistic Missiles,  ICBMs.

Ronald  Reagan was in power and He was doing great as the president of the USA.  It was the Election Year, 1984.  I heard the names , such as John Glenn, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Walter Mondale. They were running for the Primaries and I soon realised that  choosing the American President was different Ball game altogether.

When it came to talking about the Soviets I soon found myself that my suite-mates were hard-fisted Americans.  May be I was a little bit naive when I  had said  somethings ( do not recollect exactly) but Lisa at point-blank asked ” Could not  you go to study in The USSR?”

I visited the white house for it was  located very close to Foggy Bottom Area and also gave a dollar to a person. A privilege, I thought at that age for I  never expected to give money to an  American.  This was also one of the coldest years in the history of American weather.