My parents would  phone call  upstairs.  The  political situation in Dhaka  was very volatile. In those days long distance calls were unheard of  in Dhaka, so we would rush upstairs and receive the call.  My Abbu had confirmed sending  the draft for tuition fees. Yes! I was going to study in Michigan Tech., of Michigan.

My mom was very worried for news shown in Abu Dhabi T.V,   showing the empty streets of Dhaka, patrolled by Army.  Your immediate reaction about situations such as these are anxiety.  The    long distance  effect.

I tried to reassure that  we were getting three complete meals and in fact enjoying the Curfew.  These are the times when acquaintances become close and friends even closer.  Such was the scenario of Dhaka in the month of November 1987.

My  flight routing was as follows: Dhaka to London by British Airways. Arrive at  Heathrow. Stay in London for couple of days. Catch another BA Flight to Detroit, the port of entry.

I was talking to a Britsih born person of Bengali origin. He was Sylhet and I came to know that his dad had migrated to England and he was born in the UK. He had rightly warned me not to avail the tube after 10P.M. I came to know him as we had to wait in the transit lounge of Schipoll airport in Holland.  The flight could have easily gone over the channel in next half hours. However, the BA had regulations that no crew or pilot would work for more than 8 hours. The passnegers suffered!


Upon my arrival at the airport exit.I availed  a  London Taxi.  The  immigratrion clearanoce at Heathrow  had seemed quite efficient.  I went to juice bar and had Orange Juice.  The sales girl had appeared to ethnic Indian. She had informed that she was from Singapore. Migration! I thought.

The juice was refreshing and I called my connection in London. Mrs Majumder said, “26 Turn Pike Lane!”

The taxi driver seemed friendly enough.  We were caught in the trafic. It took more than 1 and one 1/2 hours to reach the destination. Meanwhile, I engaged conversation with the gentle cabbie. He was Jewish but did not believe in a Creator. He told me that before any muslim butchers were in U.K Muslims used to buy Kosher products. Kosher is next to Halal.

He was little bit taken aback when he heard that I was student on my way to USA.  He had been there, he confirmed, with his wife.  And said that it was a crazy place.  Yes! I said to myself. Most Europeans during that period had a funny notion of the Americans  of Cow Boys and Hats; Ross Perot aand Politics.