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Hello from Fort Portal, Uganda!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been only 2 weeks since I left home – I feel as though I have been away for months!  This fortnight has been HECTIC, starting with orientation, then travelling to our home stay, and then starting at the hospital.  We’ve also managed to do quite a bit of sightseeing as well.  I’ve been to Jinja to visit the Bujjagali Falls and the source of the Nile River.  We’ve also done safari at Murchison Falls National Park, seen a cultural festival in Kampala, visited the Crater Lakes, and driven around Kasese to see the Rwenzori Mountain Range.  And all of this whilst working full time at the hospital.  But I am enjoying it, and am starting to get used to the daily routine (or lack of) and have made some good friends with the other volunteer.

For those of you…

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