The time had come  to say good-bye to our friends.  We had made each one of the local community as well as the Expat community our well-wisher. They were more than friends.  My Abbu ( father’s) contract with the Ugandan government was years.  It appeared that  he would serve as the financial Advisor th National Textiles board for only 15 months.

My elder brother was diagnosed to be suffering from cerebral palsy. It was on this plea that the authority let us go early for my father was liked and the Board had wanted his service.  Meanwhile, the inflation in the country was growing at over 20 percent or more; hyperinflation.

The price of Nile perch was 8 shillings when we started buying it the first time but it had become 60 shillings or so as we were leaving.

Therefore, the job offered by the Libya’s Auditors generals office was a boon. This was in the month of May 1976.  Our friends were crying and we also had an emotion choking for we would be living Uganda for good.

We went to the Entebbe airport and the East African Airline’s plane took us to Nairobi. Wherein, we went Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

We stayed in a fine accommodation , provided by Ethiopian Airlines and could see the town of Addis Ababa. The taxi driver knew about BangaBandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman. Who was unfortunately assasinated in a coup on 15th August 1975.

The hotel’s taxi service took us to the airport and we were bound for Jedda, the city on the coast of Red Sea.  The flight stopped at Asmara and we could see jet fighters and we were told not to take any pictures of the surroundings.

The steward had given us some chocolate and I had put it inside the pocket. As the plane landed in Jedda , we experienced  the heat of desert.

The air was a blast from the oven.  We stayed in Mecca and visited Medina . It took us  around a week to get a confirmed fligh t to Dacca.

The route was as follows: Jedda to Karachi; Calcutta;to Dacca.  The first leg was on aboard PIA, a DC -10. Then was SAS a 727 and later Biman  Bangladesh Airlines.