British Passport, Canada, Thailand

British Passport, Canada, Thailand (Photo credit: dcgreer)

Idi Amin Dada, the president of Uganda for life, was an eccentric man to say in a better way, or a sadist as he was  portrayed in the movies and the press. To me he was the president of a republic which treated us as very special people.  The reason of Presidents Amin’s visit to Dacca in early 1974 or late 1973 was to take some professional from both Bangladesh. He also had similar visit to Pakistan.

This he did because he  thought with this kind of people  he would be able to change his country’s economic problems. The problems caused  after the mass exodus of ethnic Indians. In 1972 most of Indian’s were given 24 hours to pack up their bags. These were the descendants of  mainly Gujrati’s and other Indians who were under the British had migrated for work and better fortune.  The most important being the building of train line through the Port city of Mombasa, in Kenya  to Kampala, in Uganda. The city of  Nairobi was chosen as the  store for  the building materials and today it is the capital and most important city in the Kenya.

The economy was in the hands of the merchant class and most Ugandans resented this hence the decision to expel the ethnic   Indians.

Some of the richest ethnic Indians could not see beyond the blue waters of River Nile.  Their bodies either eaten by the crocodiles or forever stored in the water.  However, those with faith in the Creator took  refuge  in UK, USA or   Canada.

One such descendant , he was an immigration lawyer, whom my father  had met in Abu Dhabi in 1988  due to our chance of migrating to Canada,  had to say this. “President Amin was right,” and added  ” for his decision, we have become  citizens of  Canada.”

It is indeed a test from our Creator for He might put us into any position if so desires. We should always be positive.

We heard from people who had stayed behind mostly British that this country was the Peral of Africa.

My memoirs of this pearl is stored in the memory vasult of my Psyche.