On the scheduled day of our departure, our relatives from both my parents’s side came to bid us adieu. The convoy of  our cars  reached the Tejgaon Biman Bandar. It took us 10 minutes to reach the small airport built during the second world war by the British administed East Bengal Government.  The old airport was in use till 1980, Spetember. Later, the aviation authority was shifted to Kurmitoal.

The small turbo prop had only about 40 passengers, both from parts of East and West Bengal.  The Britsih had divided the Indian Subcontinet into three parts. East Pakistan, India, and West Pakistan. Incidentaly, it was Bengal and Punjab that had come under the surgery of Radcliffs’ plans to seperate the subcontinent under two nation theory.

We soon reached Dum Dum International Airport, in Calcutta( Kolkata). The taxi driver rightfuly took us to a hotel near New Market. I still remember the Azan coming from the Masjid; alsural o the recitation of the Holy Koran through the night.

We had stayed in Kolkata for 3 days and due leave for Bombay ( Mumbai) two days after our arrival  to Kolkata.  This was the time to get some cultural differences, women in those days ,1975, hardly wore  jeans trouser but in Kolkata I had seen all sorts of dressing that women normally wear in the West. Dhaka at that time had a very few girls/women dressing like that.

We met Mr. Lee ,   he was the toursist guide at Ajanta Elora Hotel in Mumbai. We learned that he was of Chinese origin,  his forefather had come to India during the popular migration of the Chinese to different parts of the world. This was the firat time I had seen my father speak in  English to the manager of the Hotel. To me it sounded like  the dialogues of  English movies that we watched in TV.  We were given this accomodation by the East African Airline.  As the Britsih had left the colony of East Africa, comprising of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The three coutries continued sharing srvice industry such as postage and the airlines.

The extra service provided by the airlines really was a blessing from the Creator/Sustainer. We were given only 15 British pound by the Bangladesh   Bank. One can  not  imagine this for now-days any passenger is permitted to take around 5000 U.S dollars .  The econmy of the country was in such a rampage that such was the policy. The country was still recovering from the war of Independence.

Mr. Lee had agreed to show us the Mumbai city and we also saw our fisrt ever Hindi movie on the big screen. Andhi the movie which is said to be based on the   life  of   Iron Lady of India, Mrs Gandhi.

Later, that night we were dining as a diva performed some Englsih songs. That was also the first time when I had seen people drink alcohol.

At night half sleep we went to the airport and was awiating the flight from Mumbai to Nairobi.  There were Africans all over the lounge and it was my first seeing of Black Africans. We boarded the VC -10 flight and it took us the whole night to reach the capital of Kenya.

We were to avail another plane which was bound to take us to Entebbe located some 25 kilomteres from the Capital Kampala.