We were tired. It was almost five days of travel from Dacca to Kampala.  It excited us that we reacched our dentination but also felt the end of a jouney. Soon we had our passports checked. We then went on to go to a bus which was supposed to take us tio Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The population of the country was only 9.6 million with so many tribes it was impossoble to comunicate except in English and Kswahili. The green was panaromic.  We would watch huts amongst the wild trees, surrounded by banana trees. We later came to know that Matoke  was the staple food. Made  of green bananas and steamed was quite delicisous when eaten with beef stew.  These beef was known as the meat from Ankole Cattle heads.

The driver was quick to avert a head on crash but we reached the  KAMPALA international Hotel  Situated on a hill top we would spend the next one month mixing with the local and the international community which made the environment so lively.