English: Lates niloticus - Nile perch (also Af...

English: Lates niloticus – Nile perch (also African snook, Capitaine, Victoria perch) Česky: Robalo nilský (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were fatigued! After a journey for five days. Covering some 8000 miles. We were simply relieved when the bus dropped us in the  hotel entrance and we got into the lounge. The receptionist had asked my father to fill up some forms. We were shown onto the lift and our luggage was carried by the bell boys.  They spoke english and it appeared ever body knew the language.

They had followed the British, the colonials who ruled up to 1964.  Unlike, an Indian and African never rebelled against the culture imposed by their colonial masters. They had learned their ways ; one fine example is ” you would never find an Ugandiad work after five.

The hotel bar was filled up with empty beer bottles and people would drink till midnight.  Meanwhile, we had come to meet Bangladeshi and Pakistani , expatriates who had become the guest of  Ugandan government.  We were treated very kindly by the authority.

The Hotel was a beautiful one, set in the green lush of  Equatorial Rain Forest, there were two ivory tasks in the lobby.  The Diners were Ruwenzori that was open  mainly dinner time, and served European styled 7 course meals. Buttery, on the other hand was mainly continental and was the only restaurant for Breakfast.

We were to rise early for breakfast , there were mainly Toast, Fried or Boiled eggs; Liver served with some side dish was fine but our favourite was the fillet of Nile Perch. This was baked or grilled. It was simply heaven on earth.  To begin the breakfast we had to start with Orange Jucie and finish with bunch of Tropical fruits.