The days were long. We would ask our father , ‘are the tickets here yet!’ Sadly we would hear anytime soon! We were young but had no problem understanding  that the country was devasted. This was in early 70s. Bangladesh was born out of bloody battle that was unleashed upon the innocent people of  this country, by the occupational forces.

We would go to travel on the streets of Dhaka. There, were about a total of 5000 cars in the total of Bangladesh. Today, in any one part of the Dhaka city there are more than that number. The streets are clogged with traffic and the management is a daunting task. Then my father had received a telegram. It was stated that Mr. Okalebo had confirmed that a PTA ( pre paid ticket advice) was to our names.

We were delighted! Finally, we would be going out of the city! We did not know any part of the world save that our parents taught us. We had heard about the Americas, England, Germany, India, but never visited any one of those. So we would look into the map of the world and find the location of Uganda.

This was is in the East Africa.  To reach that place we would have to travel through India, Kenya and reach Entebbe, the port city on the shores of  lake Victoria.  Our passport was not issued for at that time 1973, the children under 12 years of age would be usually be accompanying their mother. Hence, our names were endorsed with in our mom’s passpaort.

Incidentally, the newly formed Govenment had wanted to make simple for they were yet to form relationships with many countires, some had not yet recognised the newly borne nation. So the ministry of foreign affairs had decided to approve the following countries; Uganad, Tanzania, Egypt, and India.

The flight belonging to Biman’s one of the planes , was suppose to take us to Calcutta,( Kolkata) . We had arrived at Dum Dum, International airport, half an hour after we had taken off from Dhaka airport. It was in the month of  February of 1975.  The old airport was just fine and it did not matter for only few people used to use it