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English: Administrative Division of Bangladesh. Colored and vivid. Refined Outlines. Editable SVG. Intended to replace File:Bangladesh divisions english.png Nafsadh ( talk ) 12:21, 29 March 2011 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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This is an excerpt from a letter written about remittance from Bangladesh to Thailand.


In this letter the concerned, clearly categories  a policy of the transfer of funds from one country to another. There was and still are lots of Bangladeshi students, studying in different Universities. Most of these students  receive money from home through some legal channel. In this case they need to open a file in the bank from which  remittance will be sent to their account in the country in which the University is situated.






This particular letter was written 17th May in the C.E of 1998 in Dhaka. The person writing states that he had been receiving the wire transfer for the last three years and not single penny was deducted as fees or hidden charges , either by the sending bank or the receiving one.






It was only recently i.e. November 1997 that  he saw discrepancy in the money transferred and money received in his account.  For every transaction he got a sum of 25 U.S dollars less.  This was money was being charged in by the routing bank located in New York. The Bangkok Bank PLC, New York, N.Y was some how doing this.




When the concerned wanted the reason the person in charge was very concerned for he was a wise man who had been in the profession Business of Bangladesh since the days of Pakistan. His son was a friend a neighbor of  the letter write, a very honest and self reliant person. The most important of his character trait was he was very thrifty.




As the Senior Mr. Ali got to see the letter he was regretful and immediately asked for the reason and a few days later there was an explanation as to why this sort of activities do work .  The person who inquired into the affairs found that the International Banking was changing this 10% was the charge for the service provided.




This should not have been the case for the service charges and the other fees were already being paid by the remitter and such fees imposed was probably out of the jurisdiction of the entity cutting on the fund transfer.




Now-a-days there is no rule on any type of banking anywhere and the common people are caught in the midst of wrangling of the credit fraud and other illegal fess and fund transfers as deemed necessary for the transaction these are mostly imposed  arbitrarily by Bankers themselves without the approval of Central Bank or the Federal Bank, in other words the regulatory body. Things Fall Apart!



I was reading about Richard P Feynman one of the co-founders of Quantum Electrodynamics, and famous for the diagrams named after him. He was born in Jewish family but had never doubted his beliefs, and he was an avowed atheist. The Caltech Physicist and a Nobel Laureate had studied in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.I.T after being rejected by Columbia, an Ivy League college. Later, he had joined and was supervised by John Archibald Wheeler. At that time, 1940s, Princeton was probably the most prestigious college in the US as far as Physics was concerned.
During the days of Cosmos being projected by Abu Dhabi T.V (this was in early 80s). I got to see the Episodes as presented by Carl Sagan, Director of the Astronomical department of Cornell’s Physics Department. He was also the famous writer of the book titled, S.E.T.I (search for extra terrestrial Intelligence), and another famous Physicist who had doubted the existence of Supernatural being. He had written an epilogue for the book written by the most famous Physicist alive today, Stephen Hawkins. Please refer to his book, A Brief History of Time, page number where Hawkins expresses his unease when he was invited to confer in the Vatican.
Hawkins in his book writes about his worries as to when he was invited to Vatican he did not want the history to be repeated. He said I did not want to face an ordeal which was exactly 300 years ago when church and science was at loggerheads with each other this was when Galileo was imprisoned by the Papal authority.
Galileo one of the early Physicists whose shoulder Newton was standing and thus able see further, but Galileo was actually standing on Kepler, Tyco Brahe and thus able to make way for Newton delve into his famous book Principia of Mathemitica. It is usually believed that Newton was not an atheist but he was very shy and never married.
Church was myopic during the time of Galileo and Copernicus, for anything that contradicted the beliefs of the time was to be dealt severely. If these scientists had not been bold enough to stand up to church, of the time then science would not be here today, in that sense Scientists were persecuted. Therefore the collective conscience of today’s Scientists had this idea imprinted so much so that of the scientists’ phobia and that lead them to rebel against the precepts of accepted religious values. Here we see the development of a world that would not have been if the collectively conscious of time and its toll on the scientific community and the consequence the belief that religion is against science.

Since the time of Galileo the scientist had decided that they should not think church as a friend, an ally but a body that does not support their beliefs that were apparently against the common beliefs and hence against church. Even Einstein some people say did not believe about the existence of when He said that God does not play dice. By this he had mentioned there was no god and that since he was not there he would not have the chance to play the dice. The statement about Einstein above was stated in a T.V interview in the B.B.C world.

Reagan against Walter Mondale; George Bush Senior Versus Micheal Dukakasis; Bush wins through Backdoor.

Interestingly, I was able to witness all the Elections as held above.  In all  three the Republicans won the elections with a very wide  margin.  This time, I have strong feeling that none of the of Democrats  are up to fend  to whoever is nominated to represent the Republicans.  Hillary is a woman but Americans are not going to feel comfortable under a woman President.  Although, I was having a similar opinion in 1984, about Rev Jesse Jackson.  He was running for the primaries and  incidentally he got a  US air force officer from the Syrians, under negotiations.

I had a gut feeling that not in my life time would I see Black President in the Casa Blanca!  I was wrong  the first Afro- American was elected to the White House in 2008!   The macro Economics indicate that he had stepped into the president’s  shoes at the  wrong moment!  The debt burden went t

o 16 trillion and rising!  The middle class is having all the difficulties  to meet the ends!  There appears a collective conscience that ” Black Lives Matter!” There is race related problem and also the home grown threat!  Especially, after the Paris attack, whoever had done this was to undermine the Moslems and this is so true!  Americans feel that there is a problem in the Middle East and they will not get involved!  After all there involvement over the last 30 years in the Middle East had cost the US a gargantuan amount of emotional externalities!  This is indicated in the loss of lives by individuals carrying shootings  due to various reasons!

Hillary during her deposition could not  cleanse her conscience of the death of the US Ambassador in Libya! Well that is what I had felt when I watched the CNN.  Bernie could do better but his ideas are far fetched to be practical!

May be it will be Jeb Bush who becomes the next US  president.  This  I say firstly, a radicalized American can not  triumph! And statistically speaking never a Democrat has been been elected to the CASA BLANCA,  for a third term!   May God Bless America!



Ten Commandments

Source: Ten Commandments

About Afroze TALUKDER

About Afroze TALUKDER.

Sustainable development.

Boat Bangladesh

Boat Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sustainable development : Legend 1. Social 2. ...

Sustainable development : Legend 1. Social 2. Environment 3. Economic 4. Bearable 5. Equitable 6. Viable 7. Sustainable Latviešu: Ilgtspējīga attīstība : Legend 1. Sabiedrība 2. Vide 3. Tautsaimniecība 4. Paciešama 5. Vienlīdzīga 6. Dzīvotspējīga 7. Ilgtspējīga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Sustainability chart

English: Sustainability chart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Diagram showing aspects of sustainabl...

English: Diagram showing aspects of sustainable development as Ecology, Economy and Society bounded by Environment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sustainable development

Sustainable development (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



RMG CONNECT (Photo credit:


[contact-form][contact-field label="Name" type="name" required="1"/][contact-field label="Email" type="email" required="1"/][contact-field label="Website" type="url"/][contact-field label="Comment" type="textarea" required="1"/][/contact-form] There is the Korean Companies that set Ready made Garments in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


That was in 1980s, and the Net Asset Value of the sunk cost of those factories was about 12,000/- U.S dollars.  Today Bangladesh Exports about 15 Billion US. Dollars but the question is whether this Export earning is Sustainable.


Firstly, the Clothes that do come are bought from surrounding countries in  the form of bulk and there is a lot of demand from other states.  Vietnam, Laos and Sri lanka are trying the get a chunk of this “meat pie” .  It is always good to hear about the possibility of the earning to reach 25 Billion Dollars.


Recent, tragic incident in RanaPlaza was a big set back for Bangladesh to be under the GSP facility to be discouraged to Bangladesh.  Although the GSP facility was not something that Bangladesh is enjoying as the RMG is not included in this category but there are some 200 items that are potential export item and these export will suffer.


The RMG is usually set by an entrepreneur and this is set up in an edifice which probably is not inspected by the BGMC or any other regulatory body. The supervisors who do check on the work condition of the country’s Garments Factories. There is another problem associated with these fabricated buildings they are not properly sanctioned as Ready Made Garments , RMG, factories.  In Rana Plaza the building was found to be poorly constructed, the materials were siphoned from the sight and the construction Firm appointed did not continue with the work as they found it was non compliant with the Building Code.


The workers who come from the village usually girls in 16 to 19 years are the major age group and they are made to come from the village where they do not finish their secondary School Certificate for most of them do drop out as their parents would want them to get married.  These women are forced to get betrothed and therefore forced in marriage which probably would not result in a happy conjugation.


Due to social conditions most of the victims choose to go and try their luck in RMG.  Leaving , the village  they come to City Council Areas and thus need to adopt to their survival.  The water pollution made by the RMG and the Accessories company have been dumping waste to water ways and causing irreversible damage to their riverine Eco System.


The Entrepreneurs are reluctant to invest in treating the waste as the price of Effluent Treatment Plant is “huge” for the investment of 25,000/ US dollars appears huge for they can do a way the “another way”.  These factories are set haphazardly without any centralized planning and not approved by the Government Authority.


The US Ambassador was , however, very optimistic when he commented about the success that the Government of Bangladesh ability and willingness to get back the GSP facilitates to be back.


It is fine to get the GSP facilitates but the problem is whether the Economic Development or in this case the Sustainable Economic Development will be possible since the land taken away from the Farming Projects been turned into RMG factories.  These facilities do not treat the water coming out of the system and thereby polluting the water bodies and therefore, Buriganga and Turag are the main sufferers.


If the water is not cleaned and put into the system of consumption as pure water after purifying these purification is being done by the Government and therefore in a way these RMGs are getting the spill over development for the sake of common people.


These waters that are ejected in to the network of water bodies are killing fishes, and other niches. Frogs, Birds are being decimated in demarcated areas.  The other manufacturing companies are also causing damages to the natural ecological system for there is the “missing links” and these do cause a lot of ecological damage.


Bangladeshis might be filling their personal coiffures but at what cost?  The potable water of the rivers are so polluted with heavy metals such mercury, Cadmium, Chromium etc.  These heavy metals are responsible for loss in the health.  Lead is found to bring in loss in “intelligence” of children and “Horlicks” is not a substitute. Chromium is said to cause cancer and the other metals can stop the  healthy  growth in the children. Attention Deficit Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder, ADHD are said to be related to the ingestion of these metals whilst still in the mother in the form of  Embryo.


The priority should be given to ecology and then only can we expect the sustainable development to take place.  Killing the plough able land and the water bodies will only cost the economy so much so that there will be not enough resources to bring the change in the form of controlled development.


We s







Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on November 1...

Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on November 11, 1970. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


track. Uses the color scheme from the .

track. Uses the color scheme from the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on N...

English: Image of the Bhola cyclone taken on November 11, 1970. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Germans at Princeton -- Weitzer - Lt. Reichena...

Germans at Princeton — Weitzer – Lt. Reichenau – Dr. Bemer – Carl Diem (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)


1971 flag of Bangladesh

1971 flag of Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The first car my family owned was NSU Prince, a German manufactured car made in the 50s. Our beloved uncle, Mr. Abudul Mojid Talukder was an Member of National Assembly of Pakistan. He used to own some money from a person and had authourised my father to take the papers and the possession of the car, as the loaner could make a partial payment through this process.


Later, while we were still in Chittagong, my father read in the news paper that the German Auto manufacturer Volks Wagon, and Audi were merging together. Audi had already acquired the maker of NSU Prince, and VW had taken the possession of Porsche, the prime sports car and pride of German Engineering.


Every day the car would need to be pushed and it did not fire on all the cylinders and now I know that it was the compression ration that was to  blame. The ratio was weak and the cylinders misfired. Later on , Father brought a VW, Beetle and we found why German Engineering was one of the best and Hitler had ordered to build this air cooled engine for he realized that water was very difficult to obtain in the North African deserts.


As a child we knew VW made just one model, the Beetle and that was it. The car was sturdy, and as a child I found out that it was very reliable. We visited the Kapatai , Hydro Electric Project and there were more than 13 people adults and children. The car made the round trip journey from Chittagong to Kapatai, this was in 1969.


Then we faced the Bhola cyclone and a sum of 500,000 ( half a million ) , people perished due to the lack of technology. Only a few organizations knew about the intensity of the calamity to befall the coastal belt of East Pakistan. NASA, was one of those but had no way of disseminating this information to the proper authority in the government and as a result so many lives were lost. This cyclone took place in the month of November 1970.


Later in the year my father bought a Toyota Corolla a four cylinder 1600 cm3 and we loved the new car. In the same year the elections were held in the West and the East Pakistan. Awami League had won the overwhelming majority but there was a mistrust from the Elite of the mainly West Pakistan for handing over the power and the Army top Brass saw this an opportunity to hold on to the power. There was another tragedy just waiting to happen in East Pakistan. The genocide of East Pakistanis committed by the occupying forces had seen a bloody birth of a nation. Bangladesh declared independence in 26th March of 1971, and victory came shortly in 16th December 1971.



There was visuals of men, women and children being rescued by the Indian Army personnel. No one could expect such fury of the waters coming from the Himalayan state of Uttarkhand, in Northern India.  The rains in Bangladesh also appeared early this year.  The month of May saw an average of 120mm of rain water than the average.

Why are there so much water fall in the Indian Subcontinent.  If I do remember correctly in 1988 similar or less rainfall had caused more severe flooding.  The Dhaka city was all under water people could use only boat and cars were saved from drowning in fresh floods.

That was in 1988 the month was September.  The surrounding areas of India drain into Bangladesh with 54 rivers.  The huge amount of water collected in the plains of the Indian states some 19 states in all.  The water is hold up by barrages made by India and thus causing problem in the lower region in which most of the low lands of Bangladesh lie along.

This time quien sabe the water is going to be more intense for the rains came early with more volume and less warning and the siltation of the river systems being even worse.  Are we expecting or a huge challenge?

There were approximately 5000 deaths in the Himalyan Disaster but in Bangladesh there will be probably of crops and pisicultultural damages.  Less human deaths but more suffering.

Oh our crator please bring sense to those companies that are responsible for the Global Worming

A dinner in the gold mines.


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